Welcome to Al’s World View, a playground for exploration in physics, metaphysics and spiritual concepts.  Feel free to email me at alworldview@gmail.com to comment or suggest topics for discussion.  I will be creating dedicated websites linked to this one for each of my workshops and for other areas of interest.  The list will be expanded as new material is posted.  So far, here is what’s available:

Secrets of Manifestation: http://www.alsworldview.com/manifestation/Welcome.html

Light on Enlightenment: http://www.alsworldview.com/enlightenment/Welcome.html

Foundational Concepts:  http://www.alsworldview.com/Concepts/Welcome.html

In parallel with this web site, I’ve created a blog at http://al-worldview.blogspot.com/ to encourage group discussions.


At the top of every page in each of the dedicated websites you will find page numbers which are links to all of the pages within that particular dedicated website.  At the bottom of each page in all of the dedicated websites you will find a link to “HOME” which is the link back to this page.


Throughout the website you will find downloads which are audio files (“wma” files usually) as well as “pdf” files.  It is highly recommended that you download these and, in particular, listen to the original Lazaris audio tapes which have been converted to “wma” files.  To download the files, simply right-click and select download linked file.


Welcome to

Al’s World View